Stories with Strangers: Part One

Today I met an incredibly interesting woman (at a reenactment festival no less). She was selling silver jewelry that she had made herself, all remakes of actual pieces found from the era the festival was celebrating. I visited many vendors throughout the day, but this lady immediately grabbed my attention. She had her jewelry in […]

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Recently I have made it a habit to spend a couple hours before my classes start at Panera Bread drinking tea and (hopefully) working on homework. I’m in a fiction writing course right now and for some reason being alone in a busy place like this makes me focus just a little bit more than […]

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End of Summer

There is something about the end of summer that always feels like it is the time for changes to happen. The start of school, the changing of the seasons, the new air breathing  life back into the house that has been stuffy from summer humidity for the past three months. For many people summer is […]

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part 2: berlin

Outside Tacheles   Germany was the first stop on our two week excursion and honestly, we couldn’t have stayed in a better city. I loved every moment of it. Basically all of our time in Berlin was spent walking all over the city while we checked out different historical sites. We didn’t have a chance […]

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new adventures

An introduction (?): A few weeks late, but the first month of this summer I flew over 16,000 miles on two trips that took me to five countries and six states of the United States. I had the opportunity to start traveling the world and in it-in a word-left me speechless. When we were staying […]

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the power of a resume

When filling out the all-powerful resume as we look towards graduation and the need for a “real” job, how do we figure out what characteristics matter? Are you task-driven, friendly, and eager to please? I tend to find that these words are hardly telling of the reality that you can’t know a person until you […]

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(mild) success

two weeks ago i finished something i never thought i would be able to accomplish; i ran my first 5k. now, you may be sitting there at home thinking that 3.1 miles is nothing to celebrate. you may even be thinking that people do this all the time so there isn’t a reason to celebrate. […]

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