End of Summer

There is something about the end of summer that always feels like it is the time for changes to happen. The start of school, the changing of the seasons, the new air breathing  life back into the house that has been stuffy from summer humidity for the past three months. For many people summer is the time for new experiences and big plans, but for me, this fall changing of the season is where it’s at.

I officially only have two semesters of my undergraduate career left. This fall semester has already seen more changes happening or falling into place than I expected but for the most part, these changes are extremely exciting to me. I have a new internship with an academic journal on campus called Field: a Journal of Arts and Science as an editor for the research committee. Two weeks into the semester and I already have two of my senior research projects at least generally decided upon (and a great partner and mentor set up for the senior capstone project). I made the admittedly difficult decision to resign from my previous position of assistant editor of the campus newspaper after looking at my goals for this year and realizing that this role was no longer a way for me to grow. I have plans in motion to hopefully start a committee to better fund-raise for international travel groups at my university. (This is especially important to me after being able to go to Europe with my campus this past May. The experience was life changing and I want more students to be able to afford to go on these trips.)

Now, not all of the change that is happening is great and I think that is just the nature of these epic periods of change. We have to take the bad with the good and just keep pushing forward. And now that I know I have genuinely good people in my life it makes me even more confident that no matter what happens as this chapter continues to unfold it’s going to be a good year.

I’m hopeful. And maybe that is what I’ve been needing the most. Hope. Maybe this work in progress isn’t over yet.


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