the power of a resume

When filling out the all-powerful resume as we look towards graduation and the need for a “real” job, how do we figure out what characteristics matter? Are you task-driven, friendly, and eager to please? I tend to find that these words are hardly telling of the reality that you can’t know a person until you really know them.

If you look at my resume as it stands right now, the word “organized” can be found at least once. But really, I only typed out those letters because it fit the mold that I was following offline on “how to build a resume”. Do employers actually care to know about the fact that I compartmentalize my life to the point that some days I don’t even know who I am without plugging into one of the predetermined parts of my life? Am I workplace-Allyson, school-Ally, or friend-and-family-Ally today?

Does my future employer care that sometimes being organized in my mind means that all my socks aren’t matched together but they are at least all in the same drawer in my closet? Does the ability to keep files where they are supposed to be and only lose a pen to write with once every couple weeks or so make me capable of handling the job I am applying for? Am I allowed to still keep the random assortment of items cluttered under my bed and still call myself organized?

All of these questions are crowding up in my mind as I try to sell my soul to the highest bidder for when I graduate college. I have a year left of this and already the possibilities are thoroughly underwhelming. How can my communication skills make me a better person when I would prefer to not have to use them at all? Do I really need to format my GPA to somehow reflect the type of student that I am? Will it manage to tell the human resources department that because I am capable of pulling an overnighter and still get a perfect score on the final project I am also capable of working responsible hours in their office?

We have been taught about the art of the interview and the importance of our grades and resume for our entire lives. Jobs are something that you have in high school but at this stage in life we are supposedly supposed to be working towards a career. The almighty trophy for the end of our schooling should be in reach when we walk across that stage at the end of our four year term. I just don’t know who decided that one sheet of paper decides who we are and what we are capable of.

And yet… Here I am, once again scouring the internet for tips to make my resume shine above the others. I am looking for that perfect job that allows me to hear people’s stories and write them down. I want to document the parts of history that would go unnoticed otherwise.

Here’s to looking past resumes and seeing people for who they really are. Here’s to a work in progress.


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