(mild) success

two weeks ago i finished something i never thought i would be able to accomplish; i ran my first 5k.

now, you may be sitting there at home thinking that 3.1 miles is nothing to celebrate. you may even be thinking that people do this all the time so there isn’t a reason to celebrate. while those things may be true, here’s where you are wrong:

i never thought i would be able to participate in an actual race. where people run. for more than two seconds. without dying.

and yet… i finished. i ran (and i’ll admit, walked some) and i crossed the finish line in five fewer minutes than i had ever completed that distance before. i sweat. i wanted to quit. i was freezing (because it’s march in indiana and the high that day was only 37).

honestly, the feeling of running up the last hill, rounding the corner, and then crossing that finish line and seeing my friend cheering me on and capturing the moment for me was indescribable.

“you are only confined by the walls you build yourself.”-andrew murphy

for as long as i can remember i have only been able to doubt the ability of what i’m capable of. negativity ran in my family and i was as prone to it as anyone. this was a milestone for me and i can’t even express how good it felt to go home that night and know that as small as it may be, i accomplished something. my only goal was to finish, and i did that.

i’m hoping that this is the trend that continues this year. my friend who is helping me get in shape is gently pushing me to set more goals. the next one is a 10k. and if i can do that, my goal is to do a 15k. and from there there is almost nothing holding me back from going for the half marathon this november. i have time. i have the desire to. i want to.

so if i follow through on the next goal of a 10k, i hope it means that by the end of this year i’ll be able to talk about making it through the big 13.1 mile push.

this is me, a work in progress. don’t give up.



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