turkey on a thursday

today is january 7th. a thursday. the first thursday of the year actually.

it is the seventh day of the year and i feel like somehow i am already letting this year down a little. my goal for the year is to get something published, somewhere. preferably in print but i will take anything. when i think about all the things that i used to dream about doing, it’s amazing how quickly i gave up on so many of them.

at different points in my life i wanted to be a photographer. a pediatrician. a writer. no, an author. i wanted to be something that i could be proud of. i wanted to do something that felt authentic to me and that somehow i wouldn’t be embarrassed to tell others what i did. i used to chase what i was passionate about and then hide in books because that was how i found what i wanted to experience in my life.

if i do nothing else in 2016, i want to pursue things that i love. i love stories. i like hearing someone tell me about their live and i love to see lives played out in photographs. i want to find a way to connect with people and i want to tell stories.

think back to times before we could tell a five second story through a video or post a quick statement about your day on a social media site. people used to talk about what had happened to them in their lives. they would share oral stories and connect with each other through old myths and fairy tales.

i want to do that. so, i am going to be scouring the internet and any other outlet available to find any writing contest i can enter. i don’t particularly care if what i submit is perfect, my goal is to just get my name out there. i want to start submitting pieces as often as i can and soak in all of the probable rejection letters. i want to say “yes please” to criticism and keep getting better. i may be going to school for english, but i want to educate myself through other people.

here’s to not being afraid of rejection. (and when i am afraid of it, embrace it like that old friend we try not to miss.)


“Often, you have to fail as a writer before you write that bestselling novel or ground-breaking memoir. If you’re failing as a writer – which it definitely feels like when you’re struggling to write regularly or can’t seem to earn a living as a freelance writer – maybe you need to take a long-term perspective.” – J.K. Rowling

as for the “turkey” part of “turkey on a thursday”, who says a big meal with a big ol’ turkey is meant for days like christmas or thanksgiving? from where i sit typing this i can smell my bargain turkey cooking and all of the fixings are almost ready. we’re trying a new thing where we celebrate each day and just find reasons to make grand gestures over just having a good hair day or for taking a big step and applying for a passport all on your own for the first time. life is remembered in the small moments.


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