road trip daydreams

i was talking to a friend today and they asked me what i daydream about the most. at first i wanted to answer that i don’t daydream as much as i just space out and panic about one thing or another in life because my brain basically never shuts off. but that thought immediately took my to the fact that the only time that my thoughts slow down is when i’m experiencing something for the first time or when i am in a new place.

besides my love of trying to express the thoughts in my head in ways that make sense to other people, i have a deep passion for seeing the country i live in. something about going to a place and soaking in what the earth has made and the way that humans interact with it just makes me feel like hope is possible. which that thought takes me to a vlog brothers video in which john green famously said:

the world may be broken but hope is not crazy.

for me being able to go on a road trip and see this country would be a dream come true because it is so incredibly easy to get caught up in all the bad that is happening around us and around the entire world and we can so easily miss what is right in front of us. and being able to see that beauty and being able to see the parts of the world that may be broken but are still good is something that i wish that more of us had the chance to experience.

when my friend asked where i wanted to go, all i could think to say was everywhere.

i want to go see both coasts. i want to drive up highway 1 in through the coast of california and see the lighthouses in maine. i want to see the cherry blossom festival in washington again for the first time since i was six.

i want to watch the sun rise over the skyline of new york and i want to see the sun set over the grand canyon. i want to hike beneath the great redwoods and watch the stars in yellowstone national park. i want to go white water rafting in colorodo and see the mountains in utah.

i want to know what it’s like to be in a car for an entire day and still end up on the loneliest road in america. i want to know how it feels to wake up in your car in a parking lot somewhere and shake the sleep out of my eyes before i keep going to see the what the next day holds.

i want to see more than just what my little midwest state has to offer. i want to see hope in our country. i want to see light.

here’s to day dreams and road trips.

here’s to hope.


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