traveling to find something

currently i am sitting in my living room in a chair that i always sit in, watching tv that i always watch, wearing pajamas that i always wear. it doesn’t exactly sound like someone who is working on pushing their personal limits, but surprisingly enough i am sitting here reflecting on the thing that was this weekend.

i should probably start by saying that i am so glad that i got to go down and see my cousin for those four short days because that was really the reason that i took this trip and i don’t want to seem like i’m taking that for granted.

but this trip also made me realize some things that i wasn’t really aware of about myself. my cousin can attest to this first part, which is i realized just how sheltered my point of view can be when it comes to safety because i was a little paranoid about the safety of staying in a hotel by myself. i have no reason to believe that any new place is more dangerous than the house that i am currently sitting in, but as part of my lack of travel experience my imagination went into overdrive.

once i got myself settled in though and started to actually watch what was going on around me, i realized that i just really needed to slow down. and maybe that is part of why this trip was such a good idea. in my “normal” day to day life i stay in  a pretty standard routine that doesn’t allow for much adventure. or maybe it does allow for adventure but the introvert in me has a pretty strong voice in saying no to new things. i go to work, go to class, go home, read, go to bed, wash, rinse, repeat. so stepping onto that airplane by myself was a big step for me into this life that i am  trying to build for myself.

here’s to slowing down. i was thinking more about how i need to slow my life down and allow time for new things like hiking and writing and actually pursuing the things i love. and it’s a bit ironic to be thinking about slowing down while you’re 39,000 feet in the air traveling at an average of 500 miles per hour but as things go, that’s exactly what was on my mind. what would happen if i rescheduled that meeting and went for a walk down a path i had never gone before? what if i took the day off and went to explore with a friend in a new city? what if there was actually more for me to focus my passions on than just getting a decent grade in that anthropology class and hopelessly trying to impress my boss?

i think with social media today it is all too easy to covet the people that post exotic photos from places you’ve never even heard of when really you could be experiencing more meaningful things if we stopped staring at other people’s photos and starting living our own. that being said, i love reading through travel blogs. i think it’s inspiring to read about someone experiencing something for the first time. but i’m learning to not spend too much time wishing i was experiencing that too because it turns out there is a lot i haven’t seen in this world. heck, there is a lot that i haven’t seen in my own county. and all those things are waiting there for when i decide to take that first step to find them.

i realize that this post lacks focus and that there are several things that i could have taken the time to improve upon, but imperfection is okay sometimes. i think wednesday’s post is going to be about something completely unrelated to travel so you guys can get a break from this for awhile. this trip taught me some things about myself…

i guess the biggest thing i realized was that there’s a lot that i have to learn.

here’s to travel. but not just traveling to say we’ve traveled. here’s to traveling to find something.


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