under pressure

it’s monday. i’m sitting at the welcome center at my school. sun coming through the wall of windows on my left. a light flickering just over my right shoulder. girl on her phone walks into a chair in front of me because she didn’t see it coming. a professor to my left appears to have […]

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identity part one

i tried to come up with some particular theme for a post today, but after my two hour walk i still couldn’t think of something that i thought needed said. so instead, today’s post is just going to be a general mess of things going through my head. first and foremost i have had the […]

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road trip daydreams

i was talking to a friend today and they asked me what i daydream about the most. at first i wanted to answer that i don’t daydream as much as i just space out and panic about one thing or another in life because my brain basically never shuts off. but that thought immediately took […]

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lately i have been struggling with motivation. i know this is a common occurrence among people who consider themselves creators, so i’ve been looking into ways that other people deal with this lull in creativity. the lifehack website had a really good blog with seven steps to overcoming being a lazy slug who can’t seem […]

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traveling to find something

currently i am sitting in my living room in a chair that i always sit in, watching tv that i always watch, wearing pajamas that i always wear. it doesn’t exactly sound like someone who is working on pushing their personal limits, but surprisingly enough i am sitting here reflecting on the thing that was […]

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