how to travel (or how to panic about traveling on your own for the first time)

i have never flown before. (okay, i lied. i flew once when i was four, but i hardly think that counts seeing as i don’t actually remember it.)  and because i have never flown i am slightly concerned for this friday when i board a plane for the first time and i will be doing it alone. this long weekend of travel that i am taking has raised a couple concerns for me and i figured what better way to get over these concerns than to fill the internet with them? and away we go…

1. it’s not so much the flying part that worries me as much as the getting through security part does. i can’t be the only person who panics at the thought that they will get stopped for something even though they know for a fact that they haven’t brought anything illegal or dangerous with them. i have an unnatural fear when walking through even just those metal detectors at stores in spite of the fact that i know that i did not steal anything.

2. does  anyone else get bothered by thought of breathing everyone else’s air on the plane? and you KNOW someone will fart at some point and the rest of us will be breathing that for the remainder of the flight.

3. the airport i am flying into is significantly larger than the one i’m leaving from. which makes me worried that i will either not be able to find my luggage or not be able to figure out where to go to find my ride once i’m there.

4. should i be worried about bed bugs on a plane? is that a thing? i was actually thinking about that one last night before i was able to go to bed. (sidenote: does putting dryer sheets in the corners of hotel mattresses really help with bed bugs?)

5. is it appropriate to take extras from the complementary breakfast at my hotel so i have food for later in the day without having to pay for it? (don’t give me that look, i’m a remarkably broke college student. judge me all you want, i’m still taking that extra granola bar.)

6. will one travel shampoo really last me my whole trip or should i count on needing to ask the hotel for more free mini bottles? (i’ve got a lot of hair and i already know that i’m going to wish i brought more conditioner to keep it under control.)

7. is it possible to just bring one pair of pants and expect to find a way to make them last the whole trip? (i’m asking for a friend…)

there are more ridiculous things that i have been considering since this trip has been creeping up on me lately and i’m sure i’ll be posting on here some more once i’m actually on the road, but i think that’s a good stopping place for now. i’m extremely excited to be able to get out of my home state for awhile and be out on my own, but i’m really hoping that i don’t make myself look like an even more ridiculous adult child. no one really tells you how to travel on your own for the first time though, so i’m just going to call this my work in progress trip.

anyway, we’re all just a work in progress anyway, so i’m just excited for the ride.


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