one thing…


This image was posted to Twloha’s Tumblr yesterday with a link to a blog on their website. Similar to their Fears vs Dreams idea that they have had going for awhile now, these two simple questions stopped me in my tracks when I ran across it. Think about it, really.

What is one thing you wish you could say?

The thing is, my “one thing” I would say has been changing a lot lately. Right now, I wish I could tell certain people that they don’t have to hold on to their old ideas of what life was supposed to be like in their twenties. That may sound pointless or a sort of worthless statement, but I want to tell them that we don’t have to have things figured out and it’s okay that things aren’t going the way that we thought they would. And even though it’s like a shout into a void, I want to tell them that they are more than their demons. They are more than their mistakes and more than their depression. I don’t think we hear that enough.

It amazes me just how often I hear of college students feeling worthless or feeling less than what they could be because they aren’t where they thought they would be by now. I’ll be the first person to admit that as a 20 year old, I did not exactly picture myself where I am today. I never really thought that I would be living at home and going to college near my hometown. I never thought that I would be an assistant editor on a campus paper or that I would be doing freelance photography work for a local paper. I never thought I would be an English major concentrating in Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. But now I can’t picture myself being anywhere else. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I want my peers to know that they don’t have to have it all figured out. Sure, five year plans are good for certain things. And it is never a bad idea to actually look ahead a little bit so you can see where you are about to take your next step. The great thing is that we don’t actually have to have it all figured out, in spite of the ideas that we have had planted in our minds for the last fifteen years.

What is the one thing you need to hear?

Right now, the one thing I need to hear is that I’m on the right path. These past few years have not been easy. From finally getting help with my depression to trying to figure out where I want to be going with college and life in general, I’ve had to make a lot of difficult choices. Some have ended up being the best choices I have ever made, like getting medication to help with my lows and being reminded that I am not my illness. That it’s a chemical imbalance and not a personality flaw.  Trying to accept that has been an incredibly difficult and equally rewarding daily battle.

Similar to the idea of what I want to say, I have been one of those people who are completely uncertain with whether they are making the right choices for their future. And it has taken me this long to figure out that really, NO ONE has it all figured out, and most of the time the people who act like they have it all together are just as scared for their futures as you are. So, to hear that I am doing good things with my life would mean the world right now. Following your dreams and following your heart are not exactly sure ways to find whatever success you’re looking for in your life because they don’t really have instant ways of proving that you’re doing the right thing.

Maybe it’s not that I need to be reassured that I’m doing the right thing. Maybe we just need to know we aren’t alone. Maybe we are just looking for ways to connect. Like the TWLOHA campaign says, people need other people. Maybe I just needed reminded of that.

So what is it that you want to say? What is it that you need to hear?



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