father’s day

father’s day. the one sunday of the year when we make sure to dote on the one who acted as our supporter when we were growing up. a day to cook out and show dad just how thankful you are to have him there to draw your comic book characters for you because you can’t […]

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one thing…

This image was posted to Twloha’s Tumblr yesterday with a link to a blog on their website. Similar to their Fears vs Dreams idea that they have had going for awhile now, these two simple questions stopped me in my tracks when I ran across it. Think about it, really. What is one thing you […]

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searching for perspective

have you ever been at the top of some building, or tree, or even just on the roof of your house and have that moment when things take on a new light? there is just something about being elevated above the world that you normally live in that makes you see things a different way. […]

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all quiet here

today was one of my long days on campus, working until five and then having class until almost nine. in my three hour class we have a fifteen minute break about halfway through and tonight it couldn’t seem to come quick enough. i spent my whole break just laying on the sidewalk outside the back […]

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sometimes we’re full, sometimes we’re empty. guess which one it is tonight.

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