Year Two…

So I’m sitting here alone tonight thinking about how much has changed in these last two years of being in college. I have one week left of this second year. Only two more actual days in class. One portfolio, one 13-page paper, and one final project standing between me and another year spent on my education.

So much has changed for me. So much has changed in the way I see the world and the way I see myself. Somehow, the future seems more exciting than it did before. So many more opportunities could be opening up soon.

This time last year, I was sitting right where I am now just wondering where I am going. Now, I am still not sure exactly what I want to do when I graduate in two years. All I know is I have a path in front of me just waiting for me to take the first step. I am going to keep writing. There is so much to explore. So much more that needs to be seen and experienced.

I saw a quote on Tumblr that said “Forget yesterday. It has already forgotten you.” Steve Maraboli said that. That’s something that I’m trying to work on. Not necessarily just the forgetting the past part. But it’s important to me now that I’m not living to fix the mistakes that are already in the past. There is nothing I can do but just take steps to the future that I want.

When you’re in high school, every adult seems to try to convince every student that you have to go into some career that will guarantee you financial stability and that you have to have it figured out as soon as they hand you that diploma. That was the biggest piece of shit thing that I have been told.

When you graduate, you’re 18 and you have no idea where you want to be. If I stuck with the path I first chose after graduation I would still be taking Psychology courses for a degree that I didn’t want to be a part of for a future that I wouldn’t have been happy in. I’m all for doing what it takes to get by, but an education isn’t something that should have a price tag attached to it. Now, I’m studying English Literature with a minor in creative writing. I am a staff writer for the Correspondent, the student run newspaper on campus. I get to do freelance photography for a local paper. I have a job that has given me connections that I can use when I try to find a job after graduation.

And yes, I am aware that having an English degree does not sound like the most economic thing to do. But I’m doing what I love while I’m in school. I’m developing skills that I will be able to use in whatever I decide to be a part of after I graduate.

“A great future does not require a great past.”

You don’t have to have it all figured out to feel comfortable in your own life. It really is the journey of getting where you’re going that matters. The journey that this second year of college has taken me on is one that I will never forget, for worse or for better. Two years from now I will be picking up my cap and gown. I can only imagine everything that will have changed by then.


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